Acid Dyes
Our acid & acid metal complex dyes with high fastness properties have application in silk, wool, nylon, Leather and modified acrylic fibers. Manufactured keeping the various requirements of our clients in mind, our acid dyes are non Hazardous.  We  have  one  of  the  largest  range  of  Acid  Dyes  from  India.


Direct Dyes
Our direct dyes are renowned for usages on cellulose fibers such as cotton, linen and rayon. An important advantage of direct dyes is that it is light fast, which means it is resistant to fading in light.  We  have  the  largest  range  of  Direct  Yellows  in  India  &  also  we  have  very  large  capacity  for  Direct  Black  22  &  168  which  have  high  demand.


Reactive Dyes
Our reactive dyes are suitable for cotton textile industries, Our reactive dyes are suitable for cotton industry, we have a wide varity range of reactive dyes for dying, padding and printing.Our reactive dyes have excellent stability & give full color value on dyeing.


Leather Dyes
Our leather dyes are versatile & are of wide range for required shades. They have Very good affinity to various  kind  of  leathers. We  have  the  largest  range  of  Brown  Shades  from  India.


Offering various pigments used in Plastics,  Paints, Ink & other industries  like  Textile  Printing  etc.  We  have  complete  range  of  Phthlo  Pigments,  Commodity  Pigments  &  High  Performance  Pigments. All  the  products  are  standardized  against  the  Multinational  standards. High color value is obtained in Pigment & paints.

Organic Pigments
Inorganic Pigments

Pigments for Paints


Solvent Dyes
Known for their versatility, solvent dyes are soluble in non-polar mediums and are used in variety of applications including inks, plastics and petroleum. These dyes are also used for coloring in industrial cutting and automotive industries. The exclusive range that we offer is high in purity, strength, solubility and stability.  We  can  offer  Powder  as  well  as  Liquid  Solvent  Dyes.


Dyes for Wax Printing
A wide array of impressive dyes to serve the wax printing requirements of the textile industry.The dyes are easily miscible in wax & application results are very good.


Basic Dyes
Basic dyes are  widely used in Paper,  Jute  &  Textile industries. Basic dyes offered by us are also  used  in the applications of acrylic fibers. The dye is generally used to produce bright and deep shades with superior light and wash fastness. Its application is similar to that of direct dyes but requires different and more precise controls with auxiliaries and temperature. We can offer Powder as well as Liquid Basic Dyes.

Mordant Dyes
Application to cloth fiber on which the dye is fixed.


Vat Dyes
Our vat dyes are applied on uniformly as they have excellent volting properties. Vat dyes fastness is maximum.


Leather Chemicals
Wide range of auxiliaries useful for Tanning, Retaining, Dyeing & Finishing.


Dye Intermediates
Our intermediates are of speciality type. Useful for quality Dyes  manufacturers. High purity & less  impurities are of significance.


Food Colors
These colors are used in foodstuffs, ice-creams, dairy products, confectionery and more. our food colors have high strength & quality.


Lake Colors
Our lake colors are water insoluble in nature and are apt for coloring products that contains fat and oil & various other products which lack sufficient moisture to dissolve dyes. These colors are extensively used in cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, bakery products, dairy products & more.


Natural Food Colors
India being land of Ayurveda is also home to many natural Herbs, Spices, vegetables. Natural food colors are obtained from number of herbs, spices, vegetables, minerals etc.. The natural food colors are used for applications in foodstuffs, dairy products, ice-creams, soft drinks & cosmetics. Material with consistent quality is our specialty.


Natural Oils
We offer a wide range of premium quality essential oil that are available in different affordable range. The types of essential oil we offer includes Aloe Vera, Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Palmarosa Oil. Essential oils we manufacture are primarily used as flavoring agents in foods, in fact it adds fragrance to special cuisines. It is further used in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes & medicinal have value.

Aloe Vera
Citronella Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Palmarosa Oil

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