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Synthetic Organic Tanning Agent

Jktan S can be generally used for retanning chromes leather.  The buffing properties of the leather are substantially improved.



Synthetic Organic Tanning Agent
Specification : pH (1:10)           6.5 7.5
Properties : Jktan S is a water soluble powder.  Its solution have a neutral reaction and are anionic in nature.  It is, therefore, compatible with all conventional auxiliaries, tanning agents, fatliquors and dyes carrying the same charge.  Metastable solutions are formed with mineral tanning agents, the stability depending on the pH and the concentration.  Jktan S can, therefore, be readily incorporated in the retannage under the usual conditions adopted for systems of this kind.

Jktan S penetrates deeply into the leather.  It levels out dyeings without rendering them paler to any large extent.  Moreover, the buffing properties of the leather are substantially improved.

Application : Jktan S is primarily used for retanning full grain leather in this application, its mildly neutralizing effect is particularly beneficial, because the vegetable tannins that are incorporated penetrate more deeply and exert a stronger filling effect.  Hence, they lead the grain less than usual and thus give finer pores.
Environment : Permits good exhaustion of dyes and fat liquors and thus helps to reduce pollution by tannery effluents.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan S for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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