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Synthetic organic resin tanning agent for retanning chrome leather

Even small amounts of Jktan RE applied in the retannage will fill the leather without impairing the fineness and tightness of grain and the typical chrome leather character. The product is light fast and allows production of level dyeings which, however, are somewhat lightened in shade. Moreover, it improves adhesion of finishes.

Chemical Nature


Synthetic organic resin tanning agent based on water soluble acrylic polymers


: Solids        40% (Approx.)
pH             6.0 7.0
Charge      Anionic
Properties :

Jktan RE is highly viscous but readily pourable and simply dilutable with hot water. Jktan RE is perfectly compatible with synthetic and vegetable tanning agents, sulphited fatliquors, anionic dyes and other anionic products. 

Even small amounts will fill the leather without impairing the fineness of grain and will largely retain the typical characteristics of chrome leather despite the use of any vegetable / synthetic retanning agents which may be additionally required. 

Jktan RE is light fast and gives somewhat bleached, level shades. Together with white tanning agents, it produces a still higher degree of whiteness on pale chrome leathers. Moreover, leathers retanned with Jktan RE can be readily finished and the adhesion of the finish is improved in comparison to that on conventionally retanned leather.
Applications :

Jktan RE is used for retanning chrome leather to improve its fullness and tightness of grain without causing formation of a coarser grain or impairing the other properties of the leather as is often the result of other filling retannages with vegetables and synthetic tannins. 

Before retannage, the leather must be neutralized throughout the cross-section. If necessary, exhaustion of Jktan RE bath can be promoted by adding chrome tanning agent or a chrome containing synthetic tanning agent. In this way not only the fullness but also the softness of the leather is additionally improved.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan RE for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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