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Retanning Agent for chrome tanned leather which gives well filled, soft leather with tight grain and good dyeing properties




Light brown colored powder
Chemical Character : Product based on polyamides and aromatic sulphonates
PH : 8.5 9.5 (1:10)
Properties :

Jktan PS has a selective filling action i.e. loose areas of the skin are filled preferentially without damage to the grain, which retains its fine appearance and fine break. 

Jktan PS increases the softness of leather and imparts exceptionally good dyeability to chrome leather. The leveling effect is excellent. It does not impair the tensile strength, in contrast to most retanning agents. The elasticity of grain is increased and remains practically unaffected even when the leather is subsequently retanned with vegetable tanning
Application :

Jktan PS is particularly suitable for the retannage of following types of chrome leather

- Side leather, softy leather and buff calf leather
- Side nappa for shoe uppers, clothing and upholstery
- Glazed kid and sheepskin leather for clothing and footwear
- Pigskin leather for footwear and clothing
- Suede splits for footwear and clothing

Safety : We know of no ill effect resulting from use of Jktan PS for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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