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Pretanning agent for vegetable tanned leathers and retanning agent for chrome tanned leathers.

Jktan P is a pretanning agent for producing vegetable tanned leathers.  It accelerates penetration, exert a bleach effect and produces a mellow handle.  This product is also suitable for retanning chrome tanned leathers.



Phenol Condensation Product.
Specification : Concentration 95% approximately
Properties : Jktan P is a pretanning agent of medium astringency.  It is available as a yellowish powder.  It tans hides readily and evenly and ensures production of a tight, smooth, undrawn grain and an attractive pale leather colour.

When used as a retanning agent for chrome upper leather, Jktan P imparts firmness, smoothness and resilience to the grain, it bleaches the leather colour without affecting the chrome leather character.  The product is also suitable for the intermediate treatment of chrome leather to mitigate the astringency before retanning with vegetable tannins.

Application : For retanning chrome leathers, a light neutralization should first be carried out, if necessary, to bring pH value in the outer zones to 4 4.5.  This is followed by retannage with 1-2% of Jktan P.  For an intermediate treatment before a vegetable synthetic retannage, up to 3% of Jktan P is applied.  As a result of this treatment, the retanning agents will exert a milder effect, so tat they can be added immediately to one portion and a leather with a tight grain and good buffing properties will be obtained.

Before they are pretanned with Jktan P, the pelts should be delimed as thoroughly as possible.  Pickling is generally unnecessary.  However, a very economic rapid vegetable tanning process is based on pretannage with Jktan P after a formic acid pickle.  By this process, a pale and smooth grain leather is obtained.

Safety : We know of no ill effect resulting from the use of Jktan P for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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