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Synthetic tanning agent with particularly good dispersing effect

Jktan M is mainly used for retanning chrome leathers.  It caused the vegetable tannins to go onto the leather more mildly and more uniformly, so that the grain retains it full elastically and can be more uniformly dyed.

Moreover, the product substantially accelerates vegetable tannage and fives leathers of improved smoothness and paleness.



Condensation Product of aromatic sulfonic acids.
Specification : Concentration Content : 95%
Properties : Jktan-M is a fine, beige powder which dissolves readily in water forming solutions of almost neutral reaction.  The product substantially accelerates the penetration of vegetable tannins by reducing their tendency to form large and highly astringent particles.

Jktan-M improves the tanning effect of, say mimosa and quebracho extracts, by bringing about a more rapid and more uniform dispersion.

If mimosa extract is used alone, however, it is advisable to incorporate a synthetic replacement tanning agent besides Jktan-M.

Application : Jktan-M is mainly used for retanning chrome leathers with vegetable extracts to promote the neutralization process and to achieve a more uniform and milder absorption as well as a deeper penetration of the retanning agents.

Thus, the grain layer is no longer overloaded and retains its full elastically even if fairly astringent tanning agents, e.g., mimosa or lightly sulfited quebracho extracts are used.

Jktan-M can also be used to advantage for neutralization.  When applied in conjunction with Neutrigan, Neutrigan P4 and other commonly employed neutralizing agents, the product mainly facilitates complete penetration that is often difficult to achieve in dyeing fairly thick leathers.

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