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Retanning agent and dyeing auxiliary for chrome leather

Jktan LF is lightfast retanning agent with good dispersing effect on anionic products.  Helps imparting deeper shades in cationic dyeings.



Phenol Condensation Product
Specification : pH (1:10) : 6.5 7.5
Properties : Jktan LF is a light yellow powder which dissolves readily in water with almost neutral reaction.

The product reduces the affinity of anionic dyes for mineral tanned leathers, so that acid direct, metal complex and wood dyes go on and reduce paler and more level shades.

When used as retanning agent with other auxiliaries, Jktan LF has a mild astringency and does not overload the grain.  Therefore it is suitable for retannage of light nappa leather.

On account of its good light fastness Jktan LF is particularly suitable for pale pastel dyeings and for white leathers, provided that the tanning and fatliquoring agents used for these are also sufficiently lightfast.

Jktan LF causes no discolouration with iron salts.

Application : 1. Anionic dyeing of mineral tanned leathers.

For obtaining level shades 0.5-2% of Jktan LF (calculated on shaved weight) is added to the neutralization or dye bath.  For very pale pastel shades and for white leathers.  The amount of Jktan LF can be increased to 5%.

2. Topping chrome leathers with cationic dyes after anionic dyeing.

After acidifications of the dye bath and fatliquoring, the leathers are drummed for another 30 minutes with 0.25 0.5% of Jktan LF (calculated on shaved weight) and are then dyed in a fresh bath with basic dyes in the usual way.

Biological effect : Jktan LF presents no appreciable hazard under Normal conditions of industrial usage if the usual precautionary measures in handling chemicals are observed.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan LF for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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