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Retanning agent and auxiliary for anionic products

Jktan LA is mainly used for retanning chrome leathers.  It gives leathers improved smoothness and paleness.  Leathers retanned with Jktan LA can be more uniformly dyed.



Salt of Naphthalene sulphonic acid condensation product.
Specification : pH (1:10) 6.5 7.5
Properties : Jktan LA is a yellowish brown powder which readily dissolves in water to form solutions of almost neutral reaction.

Jktan LA reduces the affinity of anionic dyes (acid and direct) for mineral tanned leather thus the dyes go into the leather fibre more slowly, resulting in more level, more deeply penetrating and pale dyeings.

Jktan LA is used for retanning chrome leathers with vegetable extracts to promote penetration of other tanning agents uniformly to obtain desired fullness in the leather.  The product also acts as a mild neutralizing agent.

The product forms precipitations with basic dyes.  It is therefore a suitable mordant (fixing agent) for these dyes on mineral tanned leather.  In contrast to an otherwise usually employed after treatment with vegetable tannins, a mordanting of this kind does not affect the character of the mineral tanned leather.

Jktan LA also has a lightening and leveling effect on shades produced with anionic dyes on vegetable tanned leather.

Jktan LA causes no discoloration with iron salts.

Application : 1. Dyeing mineral tanned leather with anionic dyes.

For producing level and pure shades, the leather is treated for about 10 minutes with 0.1 0.5% of Jktan LA (calculated on shaved weight) before the dye is added.  For obtaining very pale shades and considerably deeper penetration, 1.5% is used.

2. Topping with basic dyes on chrome leather dyed with anionic dyes.

The leather predyed with anionic dyes is first treated in the dyebath with anionic fatliquors and about 15 minutes after the usual fixation with acid 0.2 to 0.5% of Jktan LA (calculated on shaved weight) is added and drumming is continued for 30 minutes.  Topping with basic dye can then be affected in fresh bath.

3. Dyeing vegetable tanned leather with anionic dyes.

For producing more level and paler shades, add 1-5% of Jktan LA (calculated on dry weight) to the dyebath in drum dyeing.

For improving the light fastness of dyeings or for producing white leather, it is advisable to replace Jktan LA by Jktan LF.

Biological effect : The eyes and respiratory tracts should be protected against contact with the product and its solutions when handling Jktan LA, because it has a strong irritating effect on the mucous membranes.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan LA for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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