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Synthetic auxiliary tanning agent

Jktan FC is an auxiliary tanning agent for pretanning, intermediate tanning and final tanning of all types of leather as well as for bleaching vegetable and chrome tanned leathers.  It gives particularly tight and pale grain that can be uniformly dyed and readily buffed.



Naphthalene sulfonic acid condensation product.
Specification : Concentration                  95% approx.
pH dissolved 1:10             1.1 1.6
Properties : Jktan FC is a brown powder which dissolves readily in water or dilute tan liquors.  Heating can accelerate dissolving.

The product curtails the duration of vegetable tannage, clarifies the tan liquors on account of its phlobaphene-dissolving effect and imparts a paler colour to the leather.  Moreover, it increases the uptake of tanning materials and improves the efficiency of vegetable and synthetic tanning agents.

Chrome leathers retanned with Jktan FC have a pale colour, a tight grain and good buffing properties.  For white and lightfast leathers, however, it is advisable to use Jktan DLE.

Jktan FC dissolves iron and iron salts to colourless compounds; it can, therefore, be used for removing patches and for bleaching dull patches caused by iron.

Application : In the vegetable tannage of light and medium leathers, Jktan FC is used for pretannage, final tannage and for bleaching; combination tanned leathers can be bleached with Jktan FC as well.

For obtaining an improved bleach effect on chrome tanned leathers, it is often advantageous to apply Jktan FC to the tan bath, e.g., shortly before the end of the tanning process.  It has also proved to be an useful intermediate tanning agent for use before retanning with vegetable and synthetic tanning agents which it disperses very finely, so that they can penetrate more deeply into the leather; uniformly tanned leathers with pale color and tight grain are thus obtained.

Chrome leather with delicate grain can be neutralized to advantage with Jktan FC.  A distinctly firmer grain is thus achieved.

Storage Stability : Although storage life is unlimited, particular care should be taken to ensure that the product is stored dry, and bags are tightly closed.
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