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Resin tanning agent for retanning chrome leather

Jktan FB-6 is a lightfast retanning agent for producing soft leathers processing distinctly improved fullness and good dyeing properties.



Resin tanning agent based on melamine.
Specification : pH (1:10)  :  7.5 8.5
Properties : Jktan FB-6 is an off white powder largely disperses itself in water to give a slightly turbid solution with a weakly alkaline reaction.  Its stability is not impaired at a pH above 3.  Separation of free formaldehyde that occurs with some resin tanning agents in the float or in the leather is unlikely with Jktan FB-6.

Jktan FB-6 is anionic and therefore compatible with all anionic tanning agents, dyes and auxiliaries.  If it is to be applied together with cationic products, e.g. chrome tanning agents, in the retannage, it is advisable to test beforehand whether precipitation will occur. The product is incompatible with aluminum tanning agents.

Jktan FB-6 renders the leather fuller, particularly in the loosely structured areas and imparts to it a fine, closed grain and a soft handle.  Moreover, the resultant leather is characterized by its good dyeing properties.  Jktan FB-6 has hardly and lightening effect on the colour and improves the buffing properties of the leather suede and nubuck as well.

Application : Jktan FB-6 is used in the retannage generally in combination with synthetic or synthetic and vegetable tannins which can all be added together in powder form.  The temperature of the float should lie as usual in such relating processes at about 40o C.  Although the application of the resin tanning agent is largely independent of the pH value, it is advisable to neutralize before the retannage.

If the leathers retanned with Jktan FB-6 are milled, they form a finer and more uniform milled grain, even if they are toggled in the wet state.

Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan FB-6 for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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