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Synthetic Tanning cum Filling Agent




Based on nitrogen containing polymeric resin.
Specification : Concentration         40 2 %
pH (1:10)               6.5 7.5
Properties : Jktan D7 - Liquid is a light yellow colored liquid readily soluble in water. It is the purest form of resin available in its class of polymeric resins. Jktan D7 - Liquid  is indefinitely stable and is not acid sensitive.
Application :

Jktan D7 - Liquid shows a remarkable affinity to the collagen of bated pelts of hides and skins. When used alone, it gives white plump, light stable piece of leather with relatively high shrinkage temperature. Jktan D7 - Liquid  is outstanding in that it is very well suited for use as white leather tannage. White leather treated with Jktan D7 - Liquid would be much more plumper than white leather treated with conventional mineral or aldehyde tannages. 

Jktan D7 - Liquid is extremely useful both in pre treatment of hides and skins which are to be vegetable tanned and after treatment of vegetable hides and skins. It helps in improving the appearance, strength and hand of the leather during pretreatment or after treatment. 

Jktan D7 - Liquid  can be used for filling of chrome tanned hides, either alone or as a topping after pre treatment with phenol or naphthalene based tanning agents. Jktan D7 - Liquid helps in fixing the shrunken grain effect which is obtained with phenolic or naphthalene based tanning agents.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan D7 - Liquid  for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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