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Versatile combination Tanning Agent

Jktan CD is a combination of basic chromium salts and a lightfast white tanning agent.  The product can be used as self tanning agent of as pretanning and retanning agent in vegetable and chrome tannage.  It imparts to the leather a particularly soft handle and a tight grain.



Basic Chromicum Salt and synthetic tanning agent.


: Concentration             85-90% Approx.
Chromium Oxide        13-15%
pH (1:10)                     2.5-3.5
Properties : Jktan CD is a greenish powder which dissolves readily in water giving clear solutions that are stable in all concentration.

Being a combination of a synthetic lightfast white tanning agent and active chromium salts, Jktan CD possesses special properties and thus offers a variety of uses.  In all applications, Jktan CD imparts to the leather a pronounced soft handle, that cannot be obtained with the individual components alone.  In the production of soft leather types, the amount of fat liquoring agents normally applied can therefore be markedly reduced, and the tendency to loose grain in strong fatliquoring can thus be counteracted.

Applications : Jktan CD when used alone is applied in a quite simple way and gives white leathers with good fullness and very supple handle.

When it is used as pretanning agent for leathers that are to be vegetable/synthetically tanned, Jktan CD on account of its high content of masking chromium compounds effects rapid penetration of the pelts and substantially accelerates the subsequent tanning process.

When Jktan CD is used as retanning agent for pretanned goat skins, it imparts an extremely soft handle.

A distinct improvement of the handle is also brought about by Jktan CD when it is applied as retanning agent for chrome leather.  The resultant leather has a tight grain and a round, soft handle.

Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan CD for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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