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Aluminum Syntan


Chemical Properties


Aluminum oxide content        16% (Approx.)
Basicity                                    50%
pH (1:10)                                 4.0
Properties :

Jktan BN is supplied in the form of white powder. It consists of cationic aluminum salts, so special attention should be paid to its compatibility with anionic products such as sulphonated fatliquors. It is fully compatible with cationic fatliquors. 

Jktan BN has pronounced astringent action on leather fibers. It can be used in chrome tannages to allow firm leathers to be made from raw stock that has a tendency to sponginess and a loose grain. In chrome retannages, this effect is mainly concentrated on the external layers of the skin, with the result that the leather can later be buffed to a fine dense nap. 

Jktan BN can also be employed in the production of wet white leather. It is used in pretannages that are applied to pelts to stabilize them in order to allow them to be split and shaved. Only a small amount of Jktan BN is required in order to obtain a shrinkage temperature of 75 C 

Jktan BN forms hybrid complexes with our chromitan types and other cationic chrome salts, especially if they are added to the float in powder form. The tanning action of complexes of this type is such that soft leathers can be obtained with a compact structure and tight grain. This consolidating action cannot be obtained with conventional mixtures of chrome and aluminum tanning agents. 

The advantage of high basicity of Jktan BN is that the leather has excellent affinity for anionic dyes such as acid dyes and direct dyes after it has been treated with Jktan BN. The shade of dyed leathers is much deeper and fuller, and their fastness is higher.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan BN for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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