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Synthetic replacement tanning agents

Jktan AN is mainly used for retanning chrome and semichrome leather that is to be dyed in full brilliant shades.



Based on aromatic sulphonic acid condensation products.
Specification : Concentration     95% approx.
pH (1:10)           3.5 4.0
Properties : Jktan AN is yellowish readily water soluble powder.  The product is compatible with chrome tanning agents and combination tanning agents containing chrome and with anionic dyes and auxiliaries; it disperses vegetable tannins.  Jktan AN is compatible with synthetic tanning agents as well.  If dyeings are to be obtained, however, the product must be applied alone in a purely synthetic retannage.

Jktan AN imparts medium fullness and good softness to the leather.  The shade of the retanned leather has good light fastness and it is clear and brilliant and bleached to a substantially less extent than by a retannage with conventional synthetic tanning agents.

Application : Jktan AN can be readily applied in both a separate retanning liquor and the neutralizing bath.  The product goes on to the leather fibre fairly well even at relatively high pH.  Before the dyeing process, however, the leathers should be replaced by a fresh bath.  If the retannage is required to have a stronger filling effect, Jktan AN can also be used in combination with vegetable tanning, Jktan FB-6, without any appreciable bleach effect.
Environment : Permits good exhaustion of dyes and fat liquors and thus helps to reduce pollution by tannery effluents.
Safety : We know of no ill effects resulting from the use of Jktan OS for the purpose for which they are intended and in accordance with the current practice.
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