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Anionic Synthetic fatliquoring agent for leather

Jkoderm Liquor SA is an all purpose lightfast leather fatliquoring agent which can be used alone or in conjunction with natural oils for anionic fatliquoring. Furthermore, the product is suitable as a component of multi-charge fatliquors.



Anionic synthetic product free of natural fats and mineral oil


: Fat Content            70%
pH (1 : 10)              7.5 approx
Properties :

Jkoderm Liquor SA is brownish oil which can be diluted with warm or cold water to form stable emulsions. The emulsions are stable to acids, alkalis, slats, hard water, vegetable tannins and to a large extent also to mineral tanning agents. Jkoderm Liquor SA can therefore also be used in the chrome tannage. 

Jkoderm Liquor SA is compatible with anionic emulsifiers, auxiliaries and fatliquoring agents and anionic dyes. 

Jkoderm Liquor SA can be combined with various cationic products in specific amounts and within certain concentration. Jkoderm Liquor SA can disperse mineral oil upto 100% and natural oils and fats upto 50% of its weight to form stable emulsions. It contains no saponifiable components. Jkoderm Liquor SA is lightfast and is therefore also suitable for fatliquoring white and pale colored leathers.
Applications :

Jkoderm Liquor SA is all purpose fatliquoring agent and can be used for all types of leather. It is mixed with same to twice the amount of warm or cold water and then be further diluted to any extent. 

Jkoderm Liquor SA is also suitable a anionic component of multi-charge fatliquors. In this case, the cationic proportion should not be larger than the anionic proportion.
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