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Anionic Synthetic fatliquoring agent for leather

Jkoderm Liquor SAF exerts a penetrative fatliquoring effect and imparts a particularly waxy surface feel and an elastic grain to leathers.



Anionic, purely synthetic product with special handle improving additives free of mineral oil


: Fat Content            80%
pH (1 : 10)              7 approx
Properties :

Jkoderm Liquor SAF is a brownish yellow thin paste which can be diluted with warm water to form fine emulsions that are stable to acids, alkalis, salts, hard water, vegetable tannins and also largely to mineral tanning agents. 

The product is compatible with anionic emulsifiers, auxiliaries and fatliquoring agents and also with anionic dyes. The fatliquoring agent is to a certain extent also miscible with various cationic products. 

Jkoderm Liquor SAF can disperse upto 50% of its weight of mineral oil, natural oils and fats to form stable emulsions. 

Jkoderm Liquor SAF is lightfast, and, therefore, also well suited for fatliquoring white and pale leathers. The product has a penetrative fatliquoring effect and imparts a waxy handle to the leather surface. Moreover, dyeings are not bleached by Lipoderm Liquor SAF.
Applications :

Jkoderm Liquor SAF is in principle suitable for fatliquoring almost all types of leather. However, on account of its special properties, it offers itself particularly for fatliquoring high quality leathers e.g. aniline, softie, nappa or suede, optimum reslts obtained in many instances already by using the product alone in fatliquoring. 

Jkoderm Liquor SAF is mixed with the same to twice the amount of warm water and can then be further diluted as desired. Fatliquoring can be effected in a separate bath or in the tanning, retanning or dyeing bath. For producing special effects, anionic or cationic fatliquoring agents or unsulphonated oils or fats may be added before emulsifying. 

In multi-charge fatliquors, the cationic part should not be grater than the anionic part.
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