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Aldehyde Tanning Agent




Aldehyde in aqueous solution


: Concentration            50%
pH                              2.7 3.5
Properties :

Jkgan GT 50 is a faintly yellow liquid with typical aldehyde odour. The product is stable below pH 9.0, whilst with more strongly alkaline reaction, particularly at elevated temperature, polymerization occurs. 

Jkgan GT 50 is compatible with mineral tanning agents, pickle acids and neutral salts in all proportions. It can, however, react with vegetable tannins and synthetic tanning agents based on phenol and with amines. 

Jkgan GT 50 has good tanning properties within a wide pH range. Its astringency rises appreciably with increasing alkalinity of the tan liquor. Good exhaustion of tan liquor can be obtained by bringing the pH to 5-6; short liquors and elevated temperatures promote exhaustion as well. 

When it is used in self tannage, Jkgan GT 50 produces leathers with full handle and a yellowish color. The shrinking temperature of the resultant leather normally lies above 80 C. In comparison to formaldehyde, Jkgan GT 50 gives fuller and softer leathers which are more resilient to alkalis. 

Jkgan GT 50 can be used as pretanning agent in vegetable tannage. Thus, case-hardening later on is avoided and fixation of tannins is improved. The product can also be used to advantage as retanning agent; it improves the alkali resistance of vegetable tanned leather and reduces its water permeability appreciably. 

In mineral tannage, Jkgan GT 50 can be applied together with mineral tanning agents, because it does no reach with them. Since the fixation of Jkgan GT 50 like other aldehyde tanning agents is effected via the basic groups of skin protein and that of the mineral tanning agents mainly via the acid groups, these reactions supplement one another to an optimum degree. This is manifested in an appreciable improvement of the handle and durability of the leather (e.g. resistance to perspiration and washing). The leathers combination tanned in this way undergo a measurable thickness increase, and thus allow a less amount of chrome to be used. 

Moreover, leathers tanned with Jkgan GT 50 have good dyeing properties.
Safety : We know of no ill effect resulting from the use of Jkgan GT 50 for the purpose for which it is intended and in accordance with current practice.
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